Partnering With Us

What is a Partner?

St. Paul Evangelization Partners feel called to help save souls. Partners grow our ministry by sharing their time, talent or treasure (contributing as little as $10 per month) to help our movement train, equip and mobilize Catholics.

Core Partner Benefits:

  • Access to our Partners Store with exclusive products, highly discounted rates, and free shipping.
  • Full access to our partner training and resource website with courses and training modules. Courses include Basic Evangelization Training, Healing in Evangelization Training, Evangelical Apologetics, Fr. John Hardon’s Basic Catholic Catechism Course, and more. Includes online and printable training guides.
  • Access to live training video conferences.
  • Access to all of our pamphlets in PDF format for you to print out and distribute at no charge.
  • Access to all of the other resources and templates that our team leaders use throughout the country.
  • The knowledge that your contributions will be well spent for the conversion of our entire world to Christ and His Church.

Partnering With St. Paul Evangelization

St. Paul Street Evangelization is spreading around the world from the Churches to the streets, introducing individuals to a one-to-one relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church He founded.

The St. Paul School of Evangelization teaches and trains laymen the most effective ways to spread the faith via traditional classes, online courses and training while the St. Paul religious community focuses on forming religious who feel called to evangelize. The Institute brings our ministries together.

Our Catholic movement is funded entirely by generous supporters like you. Partners help us in our mission of reviving our culture by introducing and reintroducing people to Catholic Truth, giving their time, talent and treasure to help save souls.

For as little as $10 per month, partners invest in the St. Paul evangelization mission and gain access to tools and resources members use to help spread the faith, building their own teams or helping people one-on-one.



$10 per month or $100 per year

  • Core Partner Benefits
  • Access to the Partner Website
  • Access to the Partner Only Store
  • + More

Fire Starter:

$25 per month or $300 per year

  • All Core Benefits
  • Free St. Paul Evangelization T-shirt
  • 10% off all St. Paul Evangelization Events/Retreats

Bridge Builder:

$50 per month or $600 per year

  • All Core Benefits
  • 25% off all St. Paul Evangelization Events/Retreats

Kingdom Builder:

$100 per month or $1,000 per year

  • All Core Benefits
  • $50 Gift Certificate for the Partner Store
  • 50% off all St. Paul Evangelization Events/Retreats
  • Recognition on our website

Visionary Level:

$500 per month or $5,000 per year

  • All Core Benefits
  • Free shipping of resources we produce that year

Vice-President’s Circle:

$1,000 per month or $10,000 per year

  • All Core Benefits
  • Free Retreat or Workshop for your Parish
  • Free St. Paul Evangelization Events/Retreats

President’s Circle Level:

$2,500 per month or $25,000 per year

  • All Core Benefits
  • Special Seating at all of our Events
  • In-person ministry visits from the St. Paul President.

How to Evangelize:

Meeting + Mercy = Your Mission

St. John Paul II established the Law of the Gift: “Man can fully discover his true self only in sincere giving of himself. For he who loves, desires to give himself.’’ The closer we get to God, noted St. Benedicta of the Cross, “the more one of has to go out of oneself to bring divine life into the world.’’

We grow closer to God through the steps of Meeting, Mercy and Mission:

Step 1 – Meeting: We encounter and meet God when we return. “You don’t have to say much,” one of our St. Paul Street Evangelization partners explains. “If there’s any interest, people open up.” Individual members and our 300 chapters begin the conversations of bringing people home to God and His Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Christ and His Apostles more than 2,000 years ago .

Step 2 – Mercy: After encountering God, we open our hearts to his limitless mercy. The St. Paul School of Evangelization and training programs teach lay people the most effective ways to evangelize and deepen our relationships with Jesus. The School offers classroom courses, specialized training and online training as needed.

Step 3 – Mission: When we learn God’s personal mission or plan for us, we want to share our gifts with others. St. Paul Society of Evangelists is a religious community where members dedicate their lives to spreading the word of God.