Our Mission is to Train, Equip, and Mobilize Catholics for the Urgent Work of Evangelization

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What We Do

At the St. Paul Evangelization Institute we help train, equip, and mobilize Catholic Christians so that every person can become a fruitful evangelist. We do this by offering practical resources through our School of Evangelization, including online classes, an onsite school, downloadable evangelization resources, and an online store.

We provide training for Catholic organizations and individuals on how to share the faith. Our most popular training courses include Basic Evangelization Training, Healing in Evangelization Training, Youth Encounter Training, and Street Team Training. We also operate over 300 on-the-ground Catholic evangelization street teams, prayer station teams, and ask-a-priest teams.

You can sign up for our school, join one of our many street evangelization teams, start your own team, or simply, with our help, start evangelizing in the circumstances of your everyday life.


For Individuals & Small Groups

  • Online School of Evangelization
  • Onsite School of Evangelization
  • St. Paul Street Evangelization Teams
  • Seeker Small Group Program
  • Holy Rivals Club
  • St. Paul Society of Evangelists
  • Evangelization Store
  • Stories from the Street Podcast

For Parishes and Organizations

  • Training, Workshops, Retreats, and E-teams
  • 10 Great Ways to be a Catholic Evangelist (free talk)
  • Basic Evangelization Training (1 day)
  • Healing in Evangelization Training (1 day)
  • Street Evangelization Team Training (1/2 day)
  • Entertaining Angels Hospitality Training (1 day)
  • The Upper Room Retreat (1 day)
  • Youth Encounter Training (1/2 day)
  • Keynote Talks & Breakouts (45 minutes – 1 hour)
  • Seeker Small Groups Program

Online Courses

  • Quick Start Guide to Evangelization
  • Basic Evangelization Training
  • Evangelical Apologetics
  • Team Leader Training
  • Fr. John Hardon’s Basic Catholic Catechism Course
  • Healing in Evangelization Training
  • SENT: Practical Evangelization Training
  • Speakers including: Dr. Peter Wiliamson, Steve Ray, Dr. Ralph Martin, Sr. Ann Shields, Dr. Janet Smith, Fr. Chas Canoy, and more.

Evangelization Resources

  • Free Team Training Guides
  • Free Downloadable Faith Brochures
  • Evangelization Handouts and Templates
  • Discounted Holy Medals
  • Discounted Holy Cards
  • Discounted Rosaries
  • Free Catholic Audio
  • Free Rosary Album Download
  • Regular New Resources


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